Lyrics to some songs I've recorded are linked below. These are all typed out from memory, and might not match either your favorite version or my own recorded version. If you see any significant errors, let me know!

All for the love of Willy
Auld Lang Syne
Barney and Katie
Bogie's Bonny Belle
Broomfield Wager
The Cruel Mother
Devil vs. The Widow
Down in the Valley / Jennifer Juniper
Griesly bride
Heiemo og Nykkjen
Jock o' Hazeldean / Well may the world go
Johnny be fair
La Llorona
The Lark in the Morning
Lovely Agnes
Loving Hannah
Maid in the Garret
Maire Mhor / Coal Quay Market
Oda a la Pareja
She mov'd through the faire
Thanks a Lot
Willy o' Winsbury
Willy's Rare
Wind and Rain
Witch of the West-mer-lands

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