Thursday, October 28, 2021

Love Is Like

 by Rob Kneisler

Rob describes listening to the Coffeehouse station on satellite radio, and hearing someone sing that "love is like a diamond..." But is it? Really? He set out to write a song about all the things love is like.

Love is like my old first car

It's blue sometimes and sticks in second gear

Love is like a tangerine

It's firm to slightly soft and it's heavy for its size

Love is like a used dishwasher that comes with an apartment

Where they only ask for first month's rent and there's no cleaning fee

Yeah, I know love

I know love

Love is like a John Wayne movie

But not the one you're thinking of

Love is like a baby's smile

wait, no it's not, I take that back

Love is like a silent chord played on an old piano

By a Latvian trombonist on her quest to make it big

Yeah, I know love

I know love

Love is like a burning oven mitt

A gift from your first cousin

That never even fit

Yes, that's it

Love is like a tennis ball

I'm not sure why, it's just the way it is

Love is like an angry sea in a Bob Ross painting

According to my dad

Love is like an operation suddenly gone bad

Where the patient might not make it

And they're someone who you've hated

So it's kind of complicated and you're not sure what to think

Yeah, I know love

I know love

I know love

I know love

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