Monday, August 6, 2018

Maire Mhor / Coal Quay Market

Both traditional Irish

I learned these songs from Cathie Ryan, on The Back Door by Cherish the Ladies. Maire Mhor I had to learn phonetically, and from a non-native speaker at that. I can't vouch for any of the syllables I spit out here. Coal Quay Market is, thankfully, a little more straightforward.

Listen and Purchase

When I went out to the Coal Quay for to buy an old chemise
The first thing I picked up in my hands, I found it full of fleas
"How much d'ya want for that old thing?" "Eighteen pence," said she
"Eighteen pence for that old thing? D'ya think I am a fool-o?"

So I took it home and I washed it out and I hung it out to dry
"How much d'dya pay for that old thing?" "Eighteen pence," says I
"Eighteen pence for that old thing? D'ya think I am a fool?
Take it out of the house, you dirty old thing" and he walloped me with the stool-o

So I took it back to the Coal Quay and says "Ma'am, would you be so kind
To take back the old chemise that hangs so long behind?"
The woman she gave a look at me, and her lips began to squeeze
Then all around the Coal Quay, sure, she walloped me with the chemise-o

So come all you pretty females if you want to buy new clothes
Never buy a chemise that will hang down to your toes
Never let your man interfere with your starch and blue
And if you want to buy a chemise, be sure you buy one new-o

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