Monday, August 6, 2018

Lovely Agnes

by Sally Rogers

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Oh Agnes, won't you go with me
We'll be married in style
And we'll cross Lake Michigan
So blue and so wild
We'll cross over Lake Michigan
'Till we come to the shore
And our orchards will blossom for
Our babies as they're born

Oh, yes, I will go with you
Leave Wisconsin behind
Though my parents think little of
My life on a farm
Oh, to leave the gay city life
To be buried on a farm
But I'll watch the orchards bloom in spring
Spend the winters warm in your arms

Three children he gave her
Curtis, Addy, and Dee
And their fourth child, little Gussie, came
Ten years after these
And she raised them with loving hand
And with firmness of mind
And she raised them through troubled times
Agnes, strong-willed and kind

Now three-score years have gone and passed
Like the fruit on the tree
And her children have children
With babes on their knees
And they all join in the summertime
On the crystal lake shore
To greet Lovely Agnes,
Now twelve years and four-score

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