Monday, August 6, 2018

The Lark in the Morning

Traditional Irish
I'm an incorrigible and unrepentant lyric tweaker, and I couldn't bear to see Susan go untoasted. Here's a health to all young lovers.

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The lark in the morning rises off her nest
And flies all up into the air with the dew upon her breast
And like the jolly ploughboy, she whistles and she sings,
And flies home in the evening with the dew upon her wings

Oh, Roger the ploughboy, he is a bonny blade
A-whistlin' and singin' he goes through yon green glade
He met with dark-eyed Susan, she's handsome I declare
And she's far more enticing than the birds all in the air

As they were comin' home from the rakes of the town
The night it bein' pleasant and the grass had been cut down
Well she did chance to tumble all in the new-mown hay,
It's "Kiss me now or never, love," the bonny lass did say

So here's a health to the ploughboy wherever he may be,
It's likely you will find him with a lass upon his knee
And here's to handsome Susan, rememberin' the day
She happened for to tumble all in the new-mown hay

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