Saturday, June 23, 2012


by Denny Lane
I learned this song from Cathie Ryan on The Back Door by Cherish the Ladies.

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On Carrigdhoun the heath is brown.
The sky is dark o'er Ard-na-Lee,
And many a stream comes rushing down
To swell the angry Owen na Buidhe.
The moaning blast goes sweeping past
Through many a leafless tree,
And I alone, for he is gone,
My hawk is flown, ochone mo chroidhe.

The heath is green on Carrigdhoun.
Bright shines the sun o'er Ard-na-Lee
The light green trees bend trembling down
To kiss the slumbering Own na Buidhe.
That happy day -- 'twas but last May --
'Tis like a dream to me,
When Donal swore, aye o'er and o'er,
We'd part no more a stór mo chroidhe.

Light April showers and bright May flowers
Will bring the summer back again,
But will they bring me back the hours
I spent with my brave Donal then?
'Tis but a chance, he's gone to France
To wear the Fleur-de-Lis,
I'll follow you, my Donal Dhu,
For still I'm true to you mo chroidhe.

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