Saturday, June 23, 2012

Down in the Valley / Jennifer Juniper

I sing only the rip-your-heart-out portion of Down in the Valley, in preparation for the pinch-your-cheeks charm of Jennifer Juniper, which is, of course, by Donovan Leitch.

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If you don't love me
Then love whom you please
Throw your arms 'round him
Give your heart ease

Give your heart ease, dear
Give your heart ease
Throw your arms round him
Give your heart ease

Jennifer Juniper lives upon the hill
Jennifer Juniper, sitting very still
Is she sleeping? I don't think so
Is she breathing? Yes, very low
Whatchya doin', Jennifer, my love?

Jennifer Juniper rides a dapple mare
Jennifer Juniper, lilacs in her hair
Is she dreaming? Yes, I think so
Is she pretty? Yes, ever so
Whatchya doin', Jennifer, my love?

I'm thinking of
What it would be like if she loved me
You know, just lately
This happy song, it came along,
And I had to somehow try and tell you

Jennifer Juniper, hair of golden flax
Jennifer Juniper longs for what she lacks
Do you like her? Yes, I do, sir
Would you love her? Yes, I would, sir
Whatchya doin', Jennifer, my love?

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