Monday, August 6, 2018

La Llorona

Traditional Mexican/Southwest US. No one has been able to satisfactorily explain to me why the tale of The Weeping One would give rise to a love song, tragic though it may be. Is the singer meant to be one of her children, still full of love for the murderous mother?

You may enjoy this NPR story by Taki Telonidis about the song and the legend.

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Dos besos llevo en la frente, Llorona,
Que no se apartan de mí.
El último de mi madre, Llorona,
Y el primero que te di.

Ay de mí, Llorona
Llorona de azul celeste
Aunque la vida me cueste, Llorona
No dejaré de quererte

Si al cielo subir pudiera, Llorona
Las estrellas te bajara
La luna tus pies pusiera, Llorona
Y el sol te coronara

Ay de mí, Llorona,
Llorona llevame al río
Tápame con tu rebozo, Llorona,
porque me muero de frío.

Ay de mi, Llorona
Llorona de ayer y hoy
Ayer maravilla fui, Llorona
Y ahora ni sombra soy


Two kisses I wear on my forehead
that won't leave me
The last one from my mother
and the first that I gave you

Alas, Llorona
Llorona of heavenly blue
Although it cost me my life
I'll never stop loving you

If I could climb to heaven, Llorona
I would bring the stars down to you
I would put the moon at your feet
And crown you with the sun

Alas, Llorona
Llorona, take me to the river
Cover me with your shawl
because I'm dying of cold

Alas, Llorona
Llorona of yesterday and today
Yesterday I was a marvel
And now I'm not even a shadow

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