Monday, August 6, 2018


by Malcolm Dalglish

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Come on baby it's morningtime
(Do we, do we?)
Time to open those sleepy eyes
(Do we have to...?)
I'm so tired I could lay back down
And hold you till I am lost and found
(Do we have to go?)

Come on get up and lend a hand
I put on the kettle and frying pan
Two fried eggs and some hot cornbread'll
Warm my sweetie out of this bed

Raise your head from that pillow
There's things about you I don't know
You lie so still and you sleep so sound
But in the night you were tossing round

It's the darkest morning I've ever seen
The wind is blowing the locust tree
The sky is turning into blue
And I am falling in love with you

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